Key Steps to Becoming a CNA

A CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant, who works on the vanguard of patient and health care. A nursing assistant usually works under the guidance of senior nurses and doctors and are responsible to provide day to day care to ailing people. They come as very prominent role players, when we talk about patient care and health management. In order to become a certified nursing assistant one must go through under a CNA training provided by a state accredited CNA school and must pass the CNA Certification Exam.cna-certification-school

After becoming a certified nursing assistant your core duties involve- measuring vital signs, taking pulses, grooming and bathing the sick people and feeding them properly. It is also expected from a nursing assistant to provide emotional and social aide to the patients along with performing their daily responsibilities.

To know more in profundity about this noble career you can take further help from topics, such as- ‘Know more about CNA Training’ and ‘Core Duties of a CNA’

CNA Classes

CNA classes are essential part of CNA Training and it prepares you for the CNA Certification Test. Depending on your state of residence, you may have to go through a training of 100 to 180 hours. A good range of skill sets are taught under these CNA classes. The curriculum of this course consists of classroom training, active practicing or hands on/clinical training. The theory course involves basics of biology and physical anatomy on top of ‘Introduction to health and patient care’. In the course of Practical training you will come to know about how to perform the exact duties of a CNA.

You will find a variety of places under the sketch outs of our ‘Guide to CNA classes’. To be brief, you can obtain CNA training from State approved Colleges, Nursing schools, Vocational colleges, Nursing homes, hospitals, community colleges and other training institutions.

How to become a CNA?

If you want to become a CNA then there are lots of CNA Training choices available now a days:

Nursing Homes: CNA Training

After Community Colleges this is the second best and popular choice for getting CNA training. To come over the lack of nursing staffs, many nursing homes provide Free CNA Training, but on the condition that you will continue to work from them for a couple of months after the completion of training and getting certification. Apart from free training, many Nursing Homes propose paid CNA trainings too, which are much better an option to a normal CNA college training as it is more emphasized towards hands on skills.

CNA Training at Red Cross:

In US ‘The Red Cross CNA Training’ is the best available option for CNA aspirants. It has various chapters based throughout the United States, which offers the best and the most suitably acknowledged CNA training on today’s date. To find about the Red Cross CNA training center nearby your vicinity check the list at ‘Chapters of Red Cross CNA Training’.>

Online CNA Training:

There are some colleges that also offer the theory part of CNA course curriculum online. But one cannot learn the complete CNA course online, as you can’t have practical hands on training experience there. Therefore, if you come across a website that is offering complete course online then be aware of these forge sites, as they must not have state board accreditation. To know more in detail about this, check out this article on – ‘Online CNA Training’.

CNA Certification Test:

cna-nursing-classes-onlineOnce you have completed the complete CNA training course, you become eligible to appear in the State board CNA Certification Test. This exam is alienated in 2 parts- written test and skills test. The written exam is generally a multiple choice type of question paper and will consist of questions related to the theory part of your course curriculum. The second test is all based upon hands on skills, where the candidates are supposed to perform the basic patient care techniques on a dummy patient while an invigilator will be judging them on the basis of how efficiently they are doing it.

Advantages of CNA Training:

The most important benefit of CNA Training is that it prepares you for one of the most rewarding and noble career in health industry. ‘The salary structure of a CNA’ is not that bad and one can choose this a full time occupation. To get a break in health care industry- CNA training is the right option. There are many more other upright career advances available for those who have become a CNA, and your growth does not end there. You can take on an LPN training course and can become a Licensed Practical Nurse or can even choose to become a Physician’s Assistant.
If becoming a Registered Nurse is your ultimate dream, then to become a CNA could prove to be a stepping stone for it. There some colleges even, which require you to become a Certified Nursing Assistant first in order to take up their Nursing Programs.

Obtaining a Certified Nursing Assistant’s Job:

Many medical care set ups of the states are going through the crucial problem of shortage of nursing staffs these days. To get a job with an easy and moderate approach, it’s quite essential that you apply at the right facilities and be well prepared to deal with the interviews. Our post on ‘Preparing for a CNA job interview’ will help you thoroughly to play well against job interviews.
If you have chosen a nursing home to get your CNA training then it would become easier for you to work at the same facility in continuation.
You can also work as a part time nursing assistant or contractual employee, wherein you can be called up by a number of health care facilities to work for them during the lack of nursing staff at their Medicare unit.

Salary Composition of a Nursing Aide:

Generally a Nurse Aide can easily make $11 to $15 on hourly basis at any health care facility they work for and if you happen to work for a Private medical set up then you may expect comparatively higher wages.
The remunerations entirely depend upon the state you reside in and can go even on much higher side if you happen to be in bigger states like New York or Washington.

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CNA Training Classes:
A list of cna classes in in each state., Sign up for an information packet from school closest to you!

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